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Vjosa Mullatahiri

Management Consultant/Marketing Strategy

Review Consultant

Has over 18 years of experience working with workforce development and private sector development programs. Is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and CMC mentor, a certified project manager and certified national trainer on Business Development by CEFE International, EBRD trainer for Digital Marketing for Women in Business and Social Youth Entrepreneurship for Global Social Benefit Institute (GSBI).
Experienced in developing guidelines, monitoring and evaluating entrepreneurship programs, workforce development programs and private sector development projects, out of which more than 2000 young women and men benefited.
Has expertise in coaching, advising and training young and existing entrepreneurs on how to prepare a viable business plans and marketing strategies.
Vjosa also has an expertise in researching and preparing the strategic documents and reports on gender mainstreaming, women's economic empowerment and youth employment to ensure inclusion of these groups in Active Labor Market Measures developed by Government and donor programs.

Business Planning / Business Plan Preparation Staff Training Marketing and Sales / Public Relations Start-up / Business Formation Gender Mainstreaming Equal Opportunities Diversity Management
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Majlinda Bajraktari 5.0

Excellent performance in two long term engagements with the highest quality. Her dedication, creativity, flexibility made it possible successfull completion of the above mentioned interventions. Moreover she has achieved to be highly respected and reputable by the beneficiaries of the project supported.

Company: Helvetas Swiss Intercoorperation
Project: Enhancing Youth Employment
Month/Year: 2015-2017
Project Description:1. Development of Unified Internship Scheme for Vocational Schools
Development of Unified Internship Scheme for Higher Education
2. Establishment of Industrial Boards and their operacionalizaton

Artan Xerxa 5.0

Vjosa was my CMC Mentor as pert of certification process. She reviewed my paper and demostrated a high level of professional support and added many valuable inputs. Knowing her from thereon at other collaborations she is a well organised, enthusiastic and knowledgeble in many sectors and roles. I would highly recommend her as someone with valuable experience and contribution to bring to any company or organisation.

Company: Consulting for Development Shpk
Project: CMC Certification via BCC
Month/Year: 03/04 2015
Project Description:N/A