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Besnik Rashica


Review Consultant

I am a professional and enthusiastic person with good knowledge in the field of economy
and accounting. A proactive individual with a logical approach to new challenges. I am able
to carry out effective work in high pressure work environments.
Also, I am a creative person in solving problems, constantly analyzing requirements
and business development strategies in order to achieve systems to cope with competition.
I am an excellent team person with good communication skills. I am
able to work with others and to motivate them to reach goals and to manage projects from
the conceptual phase to full implementation. I'm looking to raise further professional and
am looking to work in a challenging environment.
My master studies in economy science combined with the management side, has
equipped me with very good skills, both on the economic as well as technical. These
abilities and skills make me more competitive.

Business Planning / Business Plan Preparation Management & Leadership Staff Training Marketing and Sales / Public Relations Start-up / Business Formation Financial Management / Accounting / Taxes

Banka Ekonomike

21 Mar 2017 — Present

▪ Controls the administrative work of the loans.
▪ Prepares different reports inside and outside of the institution
▪ Prepares regular monthly reports for the Central Bank of Kosovo (CBK )
▪ Compiles daily loan reports of arrearsand also notifies the management and other parties on a
regular basis.
▪ Compiling and extracts different reports from MIS.
▪ Assist in all other administrative tasks of the Risk Department.
▪ Controls and solves different problems during the export of data from different branches in the
▪ Handles and solves the problems presented by registering of mortgages.
▪ In addition to the duties and responsibilities mentioned above it also performed other required work
from the Head of the department.

Banka për Biznes

May 2015 — Mar 2017

▪ To build a healthy portfolio through direct sales.
▪ Analyzes and proposes cases for approval.
▪ It serves customers with commitment and builds professional relationships with them.
▪ Monitor market trends and informs on market feedback.
▪ The bank presents to the market , in accordance with its policies and procedures.
▪ Other relevant tasks.

Arberia Group SHPK

Oct 2014 — Apr 2016

▪ Manages , organizes and ensures the efficiency of the whole process of working on the field
following the scheduled sales program.
▪ Sets the criteria for the distribution of goods.
▪ Follow the dynamics of selling products by months , quarters and year.
▪ Manage staff and determines the sales plan.
▪ Analyzes the presence of products in the market ( competition , pricing, promotions , marketing )
▪ As well as other duties as required.
▪ Compiles commodity supply plan.
▪ Make visits, conducting meetings with clients

Viva Fresh Store

Mar 2013 — Sep 2014

▪ Preparation of daily reports Preparation weekly and monthly reports
▪ Monthly equalizer with the finance department (revenue and expenditure)
▪ Daily cash equalizer
▪ Tracking of goods from the moment of delivery, acceptance, sales (to customers)
▪ Providing a positive and energetic environment at work
▪ Providing internal and external for the company in compliance with standards
▪ Receiving complaints and customer requests and resolve them in a faster manner and best
possible way.
▪ Monitoring of income and expenditure and caring to minimize costs.
▪ Training of workers and their escort during working hours for complete staff of the market
▪ Marketing Management - placement of goods on the shelves conform to company standards
▪ Receiving and resolving customer complaints and requests.
▪ Responsible for the supply of all goods in market store
▪ Negotiation with suppliers for cancellations and positions of items.
▪ Responsible for quality services

ProCredit Bank

Oct 2011 — Mar 2013

▪ Pledge registration for various products.
▪ Preparation of requests for search pledge.
▪ Preparation and sharing of costs for the registration of pledge.
▪ Controlling documents on the technical aspect over 150,000.00 €.
▪ Control after the loan disbursement.
▪ Supporting branches in different problems.
▪ Inventory of contracts and credit files
▪ Disbursement of products over EUR 250,000.00 Euro
▪ Preparation contracts for disbursement.

KEK "Kosovo Energy Corporation"

Mar 2012 — Sep 2012

▪ Responsible for implementation of work procedures.
▪ Responsible for researching the nature of the calls and quick response.
▪ Responsible for closing the cycle of each call.
▪ Knowledge of all laws and regulations of KEK.
▪ Prepare daily reports
▪ Prepare weekly reports.
▪ Prepare monthly reports.
▪ Performing other tasks set by the Manager Department.


Jun 2009 — Apr 2011

▪ Filling the applications forms.
▪ Calculation of tax on payments for customers.
▪ Maintain current clients.
▪ Responsible for recognition of new customers.
▪ Monitoring the goods from reaching the airport to the client.
▪ Knowledge of customs declarations.
▪ Knowledge about Kosovo's laws.
▪ Knowledge about tariff codes.


Feb 2008 — May 2009

▪ Orders, purchase and sale of various products.
▪ Acceptance of customer requirements and achieving fulfillment of those requirements.
▪ Providing quality service to customers.
▪ Forward the necessary balances between the dynamics of supply-sales-inventory.
▪ Analysis of the presence of products in the market as (competition, pricing, promotions, marketing).
▪ Fulfillment of obligations by the registration of things in buying books and selling books.
▪ Responsible for the cleanliness of the facility.
▪ Responsible for the freshness of goods.
▪ Prepare daily reports
▪ Prepare weekly reports.
▪ Prepare monthly reports.
▪ Other tasks depending on the assignment of supervisors, etc


Msc for Economics - UP

Graduation: 2017


Bsc for Economics - UP

Graduation: 2012



Graduation: 2017

Certified Accountant


Graduation: 2016

Technician Accounting

Training & Certifications


Sep 2012

? Module 1: Entrepreneurship and Business Strategy & Project Management.
? Module 2: Marketing & Market Research
? Module 3: Finance & Business Plan

AFAS - Association for Finance and Accounting Serv

May 2011

• Creating and understanding financial statements
• Analysis of financial statements
• Applicable Taxes in Kosovo



English, Germany, Albanien


[email protected]




Besnik Rashica


Besnik Rashica