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Ardian Thaqi

Marketing Expert

Review Consultant

Strong commitment to organization achievements; Ability to work well in groups; Performing well under pressure; Capable to take responsibilities and meet deadlines; Strong communication skills; Skillful in verbal presentations and reporting; Experienced in identifying needs and objectives of the organization; Ability to bridge budgets and needs.

Business Planning / Business Plan Preparation Management & Leadership Marketing and Sales / Public Relations Start-up / Business Formation International Business / Export / Developing Linkages to Export Markets Innovation of Products / Processes

Zero Pozitive Publicis

2015 —

As Chief Executive Officer (CEO), I actively participate in creating and managing all Marketing Communications Campaigns for our International and Local Clients. My responsibility is also managing 50 + staff of all the departments within the company: Media Department, Client Relations, Productions, Digital Department, Creative Department and our team that manages the agencies 2 TV shows. I also contribute in strategy creation for our clients to help them reach their target audience and promote their brands in our market. Actively support our clients to be in touch in all communications channels through: Integrated Marketing Campaign, Public Relations, Advertising, Media, Branding, Consulting, Product Development, Digital Marketing etc. I keep close relations with clients on all their business plans and issues to better serve the market together. Also, my duty is to maintain good relations with our vendors as our support for all the projects.

IPKO Telecommunications

2014 — 2014

As a Marcomm Manager, my responsibility was managing 15 + staff, I have contributed to the development and management of marketing communications strategy that is in line with company goals, define IPKO’s brand position and executes strategy to evaluate it externally; creates, oversees, and updates all company marketing communication campaigns (including brand message, integration, and budget) in timely and quality manner. I have managed the advertising and promotional efforts of the company; Identified, analyzed, and participate in selection of advertising and print agencies to ensure that we have the best quality Ad’s. Ensured expended use of other media such as: Facebook, Twitter, other social media and online tools to stay updated with Digital Marketing Tools. I have lead the team that has developed, coordinated, and supervised sponsoring and promotional events/activities. As Marcomm Manager I have actively participates in new Products conceptualization based on marked needs; and also managed and monitors the budget of the Marketing Communications Unit. Furthermore, I have managed the coordination of all Integrated Marketing Communications materials and concepts in all IPKO stores throughout the country making sure we have the user experience of all visitors.


2011 — 2014

As Public Relations and Communications Manager at USAID Basic Education Program I was responsible for all communications’ with the media, USAID, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST), Schools and Municipalities as well as external partners and the wider public. Also, responsible for the overall planning, implementation and evaluation of promotional events, exhibitions and competitions within the Project in coordination with colleagues involved, work with other program staff to ensure that all USAID regulations with regard to communications and Branding are followed by the project. Write media advisory, fact sheet and press releases, web stories and present the project in TV and radio interviews and public events. I have managed to promote the Program in a professional way and different methods like creating TV series to promote the program work with a low budget, use Digital Marketing Tools, set TV & Radio interviews of program beneficiaries or Program staff.

Victory College

2010 — 2011

As Director of Academic Services, my two main duties were as follows:
1.) Counselling on promotion strategies for the College; in large, the counselling activity was mainly focused on the communications strategy of the College.
2.) Management of the Administration of the College, professor-students relations, as well as students’ issues such as: registration, enrolment and study programs;
As Assistant Lecturer at the Victory College, I had assisted in lecturing one of the core courses the “Introduction to Marketing”, teaching the practical part of the modules as per the curriculum, and share my experience with students with real-time examples in the Marketing Communications.


2008 — 2010

As a Strategy and Client Relations Director at Ogilvy Kosova as one of the best advertising agencies in the country and the only agency in the region that is a Golden Line winner, my responsibility was also managing 20 + staff, I have actively participated in the implementation of advertising campaigns of well known international and national brands in different industries, draft annual advertising strategies for our clients as a strategic planner, propose different ideas and concepts for products and services for our clients, and support the clients on their events and promotional campaigns and communication, as well as public relations through media. I was responsible also for managing the Client Relations Department assuring that our clients will achieve their goals through our services. Also, after one year, I have covered the position of the Managing Director where the agency was very good presented and accepted externally; experience at Ogilvy Kosova gave me the opportunity to better understand the communication process, advertising and the local business branding difficulties and their possible solution.

United Nations Development Program

2006 — 2008

As a Program Associate, I was responsible to ensure effective implementation of the UNDP Kosovo program by providing support for program and project implementation in consistency with UNDP rules and regulations and delivering assistance in Program and Project Management. I gave support and advice to the big scale projects on budget planning, revisions and other financial actions on ATLAS (Financial System).

Albi Mall

2005 — 2006

As marketing manager at a very successful company as Albi Commerce I was part of the team to create the conditions for a successful start-up of the new shopping centre and the launching campaign for the Albi Mall. I was part of negotiations to bring the best international Brands like MANGO from Spain, and also was part of the negotiation team for all local suppliers interested to cooperate with the new shopping centre, including the recruitment process and training for supervisors and brand managers in different sectors for more than 300 employees. My responsibility was also negotiating with all advertising agencies in the country and outside for a successful start-up campaign.

Radio Television of Kosovo (RTK)

2002 — 2002

As a Donor-coordinator, I have searched for donations inside and outside the country, trying to provide arguments to the potential donors why they need to support the only public television in the country. One of the duties also included monthly meetings with all International Organizations for both Radio and TV, I was also a member of the RTK Management`, which included me actively in operational decisions for TV and Radio and reporting to the Board of Directors.

United Nations

2000 — 2002

I was the first local Editor of the UNMIK Official Gazette that initially involved Designing the Gazette, jointly with the International Editor. After the initial design, I have created the web-site where we the published of all regulations, in the three Languages: English, Albanian and Serbian. Another major duty was to create and manage a distribution channel that the gazette is still using to this day, through all municipal PTK branches. Internally, as an office, I have managed to organise the collection of all applicable laws and make them available electronically for the public, through our web-site. Also, edit the regulations and administrative directions in the format ready for publishing’.


South East European University

Graduation: 2013

Master of Science (MSc) in Management - Marketing.

South East European University

Graduation: 2006

BSc in Business Administration - Marketing.



Albanian, English, ex YU Languages


[email protected]